Tanya Harris CEO, Speaking Events

Past Events: Topic Women talk IT: Women in Security

Tanya discussed common data breaches and the link to insider threat, more importantly, how the insider threat can take on several different forms, and how the attack is usually initiated from within your network versus outside. In the past security has focused on solutions such as firewalls, antivirus and IDS/IPS. It is becoming increasingly important to recognise that technology alone cannot prevent insider threats, as technologies that stop one type of insider attack may not necessarily be effective against others. IT needs support from other divisions in order to effectively tackle this growing problem. When a company takes a multi-faceted approach to cybersecurity, by providing a comprehensive range of solutions such as access control, encryption technologies, employee engagement and training, they significantly increase their defences against insider attacks.

Past Event: AISA Sydney May 2017. Topic: Challenges how we look at Cyber Security.

Tanya discussed growing trends, changes to legislation, including ASIC’s focus on Board Members’ responsibility to Cyber Security, Europe’s new GDPR laws, and why insider threat needs to be at the core of protecting data.


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