Insider Threat
Tanya Harris CEO Interviewed by Tim Rains Cybersecurity & Compliance Regional Leader for EMEA Amazon Web Series, September 2018.

AWS Amazon Web Services

Harrman Cyber is part of AWS ‘In Conversation Education Series’ Insider Threat on the subject of GDPR compliance and insider threat.

Offering advice and solutions to AWS clients to help them protect their critical data from being exposed due to insider threat and insider error, solutions extend to:

Process and Procedure Solutions

  • Data compliance, GDPR readiness audits
  • Cyber resilience assessments

Technology Solutions

  • Cyber security, data protection and insider threat solutions

People Solutions

Board of Directors education series, Leadership development, and workforce e-Learning on subjects that reduce insider threat including:

  • Data governance
  • Cyber security
  • Insider threat
  • Culture and leadership

E-Safe Compliance

AI machine learning that offers a powerful insider threat detection and prediction solution to mitigate the loss of critical data due to insider risk.

We can measure all or a mix of the following data sets:

  • Email – pathways, hubs, communities, topic analysis, sentiment
  • Website usage and hits
  • Application usage
  • File Movement i.e. web upload, cloud, desktop, USB, Dropbox, SD cards
  • File Access, when, when. how and whom
  • Email transmission i.e. Yahoo, Gmail, Outook
  • Monitoring of sensitive words in documents and attached to files
  • Connections to networks
  • Advance USB, scans and printing monitoring
  • Audits and Encryption
  • Advance document-monitoring features available with encryption
  • Drive Audits
  • Hardware and software audits and configurations

Crimson Risk

Crimson Risk offers CIS cyber assessment services that are uniquely constructed to assess all areas of your business, department by department, assessing weaknesses and preparedness in all important business areas aimed at detecting and removing the cyber risk before any breach or data loss event occurs.

Cyber security risk assessments and technology solutions will tighten a company’s ability to:

  1. Identify the cause of potential threats
  2. Protect against threats
  3. Detect threats
  4. Respond to threats,and
  5. Recover from threats

Cyber Indemnity Solutions

CIS has created an innovative cyber related insurance product range such as Digital Asset protection insurance, the world’s first full value indemnity for the loss of digital assets. They uniquely assess risks and weaknesses across a broad range of business functions and provides advice on cyber risk prioritisation, solution options, market information and the design and implementation of the most appropriate cyber risk policies.

Universal Data Protection

UDP helps companies execute GDPR and data compliance throughout the workforce. Their services include:

  1. Data compliance tool kits that provide templates for all aspects of data management
  2. e-learning education to reduce insider threat, cyber attacks and data breaches
  3. Insider threat technologies including DLP services, data risk assessments, monitoring and encryption of files, exposed compromised accounts