Costs: Insider trading costs world stock market $1.75 trillion. Insider fraud 22% of enterprise value, most fraud goes undetected. Insider threat is $4.3 million, larger enterprises $7.8 million.

Stop Insider Risk in Their Track

Whether you need to mitigate insider trading, theft of inventory or insider threat, Harrman Cyber will help you prevent these threats from occurring.

Using the latest AI Machine Learning technologies, we design, build and implement an ‘insider risk’ mitigation platform that allows you to intercept and block threats from within your organisation before they strike.

Insider risk refers to anyone who has access to your critical assets such as; data, financials, trade secrets and inventory that when used in a negligent or negative way will cause financial and reputational damage to your business. And with the new GDPR laws, the protection of your data has never been more critical.




Machine Learning And Human Intelligence

Human error, malicious threats and criminal activities build up over time. Harrman Cyber’s Machine Learning signal’s rising threats by layering and clustering multiple data sources into groups, some groups are linked to higher risk behaviour, others to outstanding performance. Thus the machine can recognise subtle nuances that go unrecognised to the human eye. It is when these subtle changes are ignored that the threat levels increase.


Find Rogue Employees Before You Know They Are There

Poor systems and processes and lack of accountability results in a weak security posture, this is driven by people as it is your people that implement the solutions.

Building a skilled, knowledgeable and honest workforce starts at the recruitment phase, continues to the exiting phase and includes everything that you do in-between to protect your data from insider threat, trading and fraud.

Layer Cake Your Threat

Our Machine Learning ‘Layer Cake’ takes unstructured disperse data held within numerous areas of the business e.g HR records, IT logs, open source data and pulls into one centralised system.

Layer cake clusters and structures the data into groups in order to identify ‘role model’ to ‘high-risk’ behaviours.

The University of Oxford

Study the clusters and apply NLP and Psychological research to improve the clustering and reduce noise.


Protecting The Crown Jewels From Insider Risk for SME’s

Every time an employee leaves your business, it places your Intellectual Property (IP) and Critical Data at risk. Intellectual Property refers to your patents, trade secrets, copyright, trademarks and new concepts or ideas. Whereas, Critical Data applies to any function that attributes to the running of your business, including; business plans, sales/customer information (impacted by …

Tanya Harris CEO, Speaking Events

Past Events: Topic Women talk IT: Women in Security Tanya discussed common data breaches and the link to insider threat, more importantly, how the insider threat can take on several different forms, and how the attack is usually initiated from within your network versus outside. In the past security has focused on solutions such as firewalls, antivirus and …

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