Costs: Insider trading costs world stock market $1.75 trillion. Insider fraud 22% of enterprise value, most fraud goes undetected. Insider threat is $4.3 million, larger enterprises $7.8 million.

Rapid Internal Fraud Investigation and Corporate Risk Detection 

Introducing ‘Fraud Analysis and Corporate Threat’ aka FACT360. 

FACT360 offers a pre and post threat solution that rapidly crunches email, text file and phone call meta data (when available) to trigger unusual patterns of behaviour that can go unnoticed to the human eye.

Post Fraud: These triggers allow investigators to delve deeper into ‘points in time’ that lead up to the fraud taking place, rapidly expediting the investigation process and providing critical evidence to improve conviction rates.

Pre Fraud: Triggers unusual behaviour patterns that left unattended, can results in white collar crime such as, theft of financials or IP, copyright infringement, forgery, bribery, embezzlement, sabotage,  investment scams, insider trading, money laundering, database and identity theft, money laundering or forgery. 

One of the biggest challenges to fraud investigation and insider threat is that organisations do not know when the fraud began, who may have been involved or where the fraud occurred, making it hard to know what data to look for.

The sheer volume of data and the unknowns makes the gathering of evidence that lead to the fraud difficult if not importance to achieve, hence taking months or years to investigate.

Other fraud detection software is used to detect high-risk transactions, good/bad customers, accounting inconsistencies etc.  Whereas, FACT360 provides a missing piece of the fraud investigation process by examining the behaviours that lead to the fraudulent activity, providing critical evidence for any potential conviction.


‘Insight Without Semantics’

Language Agnostic

FACT360 can process multiple languages as the various analytics, machine learning and AI technologies used to develop FACT360 do not require linguistic analysis and semantics in order to detect fraud and threats.

No Rules Required

Unlike other data-based detection systems, FACT360 does not require a set of rules to identify threats, rather it analyses patterns in email, text and phone record, and identifies significant changes in behaviour ensuring that critical events are not overlooked.

Post and Real-Time Analysis

FACT360 can be used for pre and post investigation, rapidly expediting the investigation process from weeks to months and providing daily intelligence that reduces the occurrence of insider threat.

The speed and accuracy of reviewing communication pathways is vital to an intelligence gathering process.

The Brains Behind FACT360

Developed at The Centre for Intelligent Data Analytics division of Goldsmith University and drawing on years of collective expertise in AI, British Intelligence and Psychology from Oxford University, FACT360 was built to detect fraud, team discord and employee psychology.

How FACT360 Works

Every organisation comprises of a series of delineated network transactions  for instance, what makes the company work and grow is the things that people actually do, their communications, such as emails, text and phone records, and the process by which this happens. These ‘transactions’ have been proven to provide more useful intelligence than what people say, for instance, semantics.

FACT360 applies Transactional or Traffic Analysis, using aspects of machine learning and AI to automatically uncover insights within emails, text files and phone call data, that identifies ‘breakout’ points for fraud investigation and insider threat.


Protecting The Crown Jewels From Insider Risk for SME’s

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